Safar ki dua / Invocation for Traveling

Safar ki Dua / Invocation for Traveling

Bismillahi Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

Allaahu ‘Akbar, Allaahu ‘Akbar, Allaahu ‘Akbar, Subhaanal-lazee sakhkhara lanaa haathaa wa maa kunnaa lahu muqrineen. Wa ‘innaa ‘ilaa Rabbinaa lamunqaliboon. Allaahumma ‘innaa nas’aluka fee safarinaa haathal-birrawattaqwaa, waminal-‘amalimaa tardhaa, Allaahumma hawwin ‘alaynaa safaranaa haathaa watwi ‘annaa bu’dahu, Allaahumma ‘Antas-saahibu fis-safari, walkhaleefatu fil-‘ahli, Allaahumma innee aoozu bika min wa’thaa’is-safari, wa ka aabanl-mandhari, wa soo il-munqalabi fil-maaliwal’ahli.

English Translation :Allah is the Most Great. Allah is the Most Great. Allah is the Most Great. Glory is to Him Who has provided this for us though we could never have had it by our efforts. Surely, unto our Lord we are returning. O Allah, we ask You on this our journey for goodness and piety, and for works that are pleasing to You . O Allah , lighten this journey for us and make its distance easy for us . O Allah, You are our Companion on the road and the One in Whose care we leave our family . O Allah , I seek refuge in You from this journey’s hardships, and from the wicked sights in store and from finding our family and property in misfortune upon returning.

(Aate waqt same dua padhiye aur isme niche diye hui dua padhiye)
(Upon returning recite the same again adding 🙂

“Aa iboona, taa iboona, aabidoona, Lirabbinaa haamidoon.”
We return repentant to our Lord, worshipping our Lord, and praising our Lord.

Reference: Muslim 2/978.


10 thoughts on “Safar ki dua / Invocation for Traveling

  1. MashAllaha brother who has uploaded this dua mat Allaha bless you and give you health and life for serving the humanity InshAllaha


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