Misconception of Muslims


  1. Tauheed kya hai aur uski kisme? Urdu
  2. Forbidden times for salaah / Namaz kis Waqt nahi padh sakte hai  Urdu transaltion
  3. Who is Alimul Ghaib ? Or Aalmul ghaib Kaun hai ? Urdu transaltion
  4. How to pray Salatul Janaza / Janaze ki Namaz kaise padhni chaiye
  5. Forbidden to make Pucca Graves / Pakki Qabar banana jayez nahi Urdu Translation
  6. Awaz ke saath Aameen bolna / Saying Aameen Loudly Behind Imam 
  7. Aurto par Laanat jo Qabro par jaate hai / cursed women who visit graves
  8. Method Of Ghusal / Ghusal ka Sunnat tareeqa
  9. Whoever can afford it but does not offer a sacrifice /  jiski istitaat ho phir bhi wo Qurbani na karey
  10. Virtues of Friday / Jumma ke Fazail

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